While risks can arise across the life cycle of any project, the construction phase is nearly always the most complex to manage. In the UK, CDM provides a clear framework for clients and contractors to effectively manage construction risks. Most organisations will have put in place effective CDM plans, however the UK HSE has challenged clients and contractors to do more to address key health and safety risks especially relating to design. Examples highlighted include: a lack of management ownership for health & safety, poor planning, especially for high risk operations and overly complex processes.

At Forge Risk, we have extensive experience in construction risk management including advice on eliminating and reducing HSEQ risks at the design stage. We also take into account the direct and indirect risks that can arise during the construction, O&M and decommission phases of a project. Areas in which we can assist clients include:

  • Design risk assessment (DRA) and facilitation workshops
  • CDM procurement and contractual advice
  • CDM compliance and supply chain audits
  • Training for clients and contractors.


CDM: Application to Maintenance in Wind Energy

Article discusses the  application of CDM to the wind sector. Sets out safety outcomes for good projects; legal duties applying to maintenance; regulatory opinion and practical advice for managing maintenance & construction activities. Includes update on important updates related to construction and the wind sector (e.g. HSE Sector Plans, Industry Standards; ISO 45001).

Risk Matters 02:2017 – Risk, regulation & standards update

Our regular update on risk, regulation and standards. The editorial focus is health and safety in renewables, construction and asset management. This edition includes updates and opinion on topics including Fire Safety, Competence, CDM, FFI, Legal Privilege, HSE Updates & Alerts, 45001, G+ Statistics. Most topics covered at our Legal & Standards update 10th Oct 2017 – London.

Safety in Marine Contracting: Developing high reliability projects in offshore wind

Two seemingly unconnected events reported this month (December 2016) provide a timely reminder of the risks involved working in offshore marine contracting. This article provides a commentary on some common themes and challenges facing offshore wind and the opportunities to be realised by adopting a more proactive approach in managing risk.